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Providence, not coincidence

One of the ways that God works in our lives is by providence. This is a miracle, but because God’s working using  ordinary or readily available means,  divine providence often goes unacknowledged and it can often be chalked up to coincidence, rather than a miracle (that would appear supernatural in nature).

But it’s not.

And the more we acknowledge divine providence when it happens,  the more likely (I think – personal opinion here) God will work in similar ways again.

I have had several recent experiences with God’s intervention or divine providence. Yes, they were related to me, but they weren’t necessarily about me.

I prayed and I also prayed God’s Will be done in the matter, acknowledging I am not the lord over God and he’s not my genie, but rather I was asking for some help for someone and also acknowledging that whatever is His will should be done.  While I also claimed the promise when asking in Jesus name that He will answer (and I can only tell you, YES, HE DOES!), I’m never fully sure what that answer is going to look like, because I don’t ask in specifics as it must all fall according to God’s will, not mine. I might feel emotional about something, so perhaps I end up asking for the wrong thing. God’s Will is important.

I do however ask for help and I acknowledge He has the ability to do what none of us can. So often God amends circumstances, environment etc to bend to His will or change a situational outcome. Since God is the God of all creation, it makes sense He can command anything to do anything, but whether it is His will is also something one needs to check with Him on when praying about any matter.

Sometimes simply stating that you wish to bring a situation before God and what your concerns are about the situation and sometimes you need to break off a few things and then asking for the best outcome, but in all truth, whatever God’s will is that it will be done. You’ve voiced your concerns, acknowledged He is Lord and while you may prefer something one way, God may have other plans and praise Him regardless. Thank Him for hearing you.

Right now, I just want to give praise to the God of all Creation for hearing my prayer yesterday / last night, and not only answering, but I also thank God for having the individual at the center of the prayer acknowledge they weren’t exactly sure what happened and perhaps can’t explain it, but it seemed to work. (The individual was present when I prayed, but was fairly neutral about what was said, basically just saw me as putting out good energy into the universe and probably not putting much stock in what I was doing – which was seeking God and His amazing ability to sort things out.)

I also want to thank the other person who prayed today about the situation, asking God’s will be the final outcome, since they weren’t given a lot of specifics. God heard our prayers and answered them.

Once again, I am humbled by the very fact God cares about even the small things. And yes, for those wondering, He cares about the people in Ukraine too. So get praying! He can move mountains, calm winds, raise the dead and heal the sick. Have you ever wondered why the Russian troops have had a hard time with their convoy entering Ukraine in the first place? It’s providence, not coincidence!


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