Can’t get no satisfaction?

Do you spend hours online just scrolling through news feeds or social media? How about hours just watching shows, or perhaps hours perusing the online stores to see what you might buy? Is this what you do every day? Why?

Why are you perpetually shopping? Are you dissatisfied with your life? Are you looking to fulfill that great need you have, but when you get it, you find “well it’s cool, but it wasn’t that fulfilling”.

Perhaps you are looking to fill your life with the wrong things. Yes, you’re missing something, but what is it you are missing? Most likely, God. But what if you believe in God and you’re spending all day on line, scrolling, ‘window shopping’, reading the media posts, reading the news? Well, chances are your relationship with God is secondary, or tertiary. It’s not a primary concern.

If you actually make God the God of your life and read His word (that tome of 66 books called the Bible), you will find that you stop scrolling and stop looking for hours and hours, because chances are, you have discovered what you were missing in the first place. A true relationship with God.

If you don’t seek Him, you will remain wandering through the Internet, wondering, watching, looking, shopping, wasting your life and your money. You’ll never find your purpose because the most important relationship in your life is being neglected.

Human it’s time to meet God.

He’s waiting for you to talk to Him, but He won’t barge in. You have to start the dialogue and you have to seek Him with all your heart.

He does have a real purpose for you besides just scrolling through news feeds and feeling more and more unsatisfied with your life. That’s not why you were born!

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