Last night my husband came home looking somewhat crestfallen. He was short some dollars from his register. I know him to be an honest man. I also know him to be pretty nonchalant about a lot of things, but the look on my love’s face was deep concern.

And I said there were a couple of reasons this may have happened and I went outside and prayed. He is not a Christian, but I claimed the promises Jesus gave us that if we ask something in His name, it would be answered.

  “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  John 14:13

I asked for the reason for the anomaly to be determine and I thanked God for answering my prayer.

I told my husband, remember the furnace and the heater (I’ll write another post on that and will update this with a link to that) ? He said, yeah? I said, you may not have faith, but I have enough faith for the both of us. Do not be worried about it. It will be sorted out. He said he had faith it would be sorted (but not sure what kind of faith).

Today, he told me he received a text message advising that the reason for the shortfall was his manager forgot to put several $10 bills in his register, so in fact he was a little over than under. I immediately said Praise God…well my husband’s not a believer, but I still said it in front of him. Because I prayed for the issue to be resolved and the anomaly to be determined so he had a reason. And the prayer was answered. I did have another person (my mother) pray on the matter and no doubt when 2 or more people are praying together (even if in different hemispheres) the prayer becomes stronger – but God does answer prayer. You just need to have some faith. Do not fret. Involve God in your life (in both the good and the bad) and trust that when you entrust your concerns to him that He will help! Because He will not interfere if you do not ask. He’s not pushy like that.

Praise God! Even the seemingly small issues can have divine intervention, if you only ask.

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