God has heard the people

God is working in the Ukrainian situation. But people need to keep praying, regardless of what you may see or hear in the media.

Please pray that President Zelenksy acknowledges God publicly. With this, the Ukraine will be saved.

Also continue to pray for the innocents on all sides, even the Russian protestors who potentially face treasonous charges for going against their own country. Please continue to pray for the refugees and the displaced that they will be given food, shelter, warm clothes and peace of mind. Please also pray for the world leaders to have divine wisdom to know what measures to take to help bring this crisis to an end.

Please keep up your prayers that the situation will be resolved. God is working and Has heard the cries of all people asking for help in the Ukraine / Russian conflict.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but we also need to render to God what his is His (the preservation of Ukraine! and a return to peace) and that He is the reason that it has been harder than Russia anticipated because of all the allies trying to mitigate in a less combative way.

God is practical and uses people and things to change situations, so please keep your prayers up.

This is a David and Goliath battle and David (Ukraine) can defeat Goliath (Putin’s power), but he needs God’s help.

May God bless you also for praying for this situation.

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