YouVersion: Bible App gets you reading

I can’t recommend YouVersion enough. Since a few days after the New Year, I have been reading the Bible on my phone. I am enjoying how the various free bible plans help keep you engaged in God’s word, no matter where you are.

This content-rich application is completely free and will work on most operating systems, including IOS (Apple) and Android for mobile phones and tablets.

I have been going through a plan of the Bible in a Year and am a couple a week ahead in my reading and yet it feels like I’m not spending that much time reading at all. It’s been great because I’m getting a refresher on stories that I have forgotten and it’s totally portable.

You Version gives you the option to add notes, highlight, share verses, complete Bible studies and it’s all free. There are many many more features to this program (including having the Bible narrated so you can listen, or choosing your translation of the Bible), but I would encourage you to check it out yourself. I did say it was free, right?  It’s also available in more than 60 languages. YouVersion Bible App

Or check out the video to learn a bit more:

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For more indepth info, visit the main website:


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