Learning the lessons and sometimes the hard way

Today I had what became a roudy encounter with an individual who wouldn’t give me a chance to speak and then demanded my name to call my employer about something I hadn’t done and finally I snapped and said they couldn’t have my name because they hadn’t given me a chance to speak and let them know why they’re having their troubles.

Unfortunately, there are some people who all they do is talk and were never interested in hearing from you in the first place. That was lesson one.  The second part of that lesson was that I should have realized I wasn’t just dealing with a person. I was also dealing with their demon. Lesson three. Realizing that with any difficulty, I should have gone straight to God with that problem, particularly because I wasn’t just dealing with a non-flesh issue.

We both apologized -when I had a chance to speak, I did. I’m quick to apologize for being loud. A colleague saw me and knew it wasn’t good if  was getting loud as it’s not my nature.  But I feel most sorry to God because here was an opportunity to lean on Him and rely on Him for growth and opportunity and I blew it.

It’s not that God doesn’t ever want me to experience anger. Oh, He has. But this wasn’t righteous. It was hot-headed (and literally hot). But it wasn’t productive and it certainly does nothing for God’s kingdom!

See, nobody is perfect. Especially me.

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