A Continuation Of World Without a Filter

It’s been a couple of days or four since I first wrote about my experience without my ‘prescription sunglasses’. In truth, there was nothing prescription about them, except that I have light sensitivities related to epilepsy, migraines and headaches. I’ve gone three days at work (outside) without sunglasses, except when I’m driving on the highway. I can honestly say that a few days ago when I first experienced no pain without shades, was not a once off. God has done something in me.

I also neglected to mention I have what I suspect is Occipital neuralgia. I get shooting pains that start in the back of my skull and travel up to the top of my head. It’s an intense pain. It doesn’t last a long time, but it can be pretty powerful. I’ve since looked up some of the associated side-effects. Light sensitivity is one of them. And yes, I still get the sensations. I had one earlier today. It causes one to grab at their head to try and stop the pain. It’s pressure and pain rolled into one and I can feel it moving as it travels north on my skull. I’ve had this for about eight months. I neglected to tell my neurologist, but will.

People think miracles don’t happen, can’t happen. But the next time I see my neurologist and tell him about the suspected Occipital neuralgia, I’m going to tell him that my light sensitivity is gone and my headaches are reduced (how’s that for a weird dichotomy?) and he’s probably going to smile and say “that’s nice”, “I’m happy for you”, etc etc, but the reality is, nobody can explain this. I’m pretty sure you don’t grow out of light sensitivity at my age when your eyesight is still 100% and you’re still taking the same ‘light-enhancing’ medication!

Praise God!

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