Astronomy points to a beginning

I looked at the world around me, marveling as a child does, the wonders of all creation and applauded the Creator for the beauty He had created. As an adult, I could never reconcile evolution and ‘something from nothing’. It defies the laws of causality. Everything has to have a cause. A causes B. So if the law of causality is wrong, then science is a huge leap of faith too, because a cause was needed for the Big Bang to occur.  This points to someone or something instigating the Big Bang. It is not something that was simply a matter of no matter becoming some matter and some matter exploding to form the universe we see now.

If you add 0 + 0 , what is the answer? It’s still 0.   So nothing begets something? That doesn’t make sense mathematically and it doesn’t make sense if there is a beginning and science points to a beginning.

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